Santuary Gun Club Firearms Training

Sanctuary Gun Club offers professional pistol training and rifle training through a number of different courses.  Our firearms training teaches you everything from basic firearms handling to how to deal with malfunctions in the field and much more.  Even if you have little to no firearms experience we can get comfortable with firearms and shooting safely. 

Basic Pistol Training

Pistol Training, Firearms Training

Learn all about our basic pistol training courses

Basic Carbine Course

Learn all about our basic carbine training courses

Learning how to safely use a firearm is the difference between protecting your loved-ones and becoming a statistic.  Our Pistol Training and Rifle Training teaches you how to keep you, your loved-ones and your friends safe if you are ever put in the situation.  Properly training people are more effective when it comes to stopping shootings.  But don’t take our word for it, here are some cold hard firearms statistics to prove it.