Santuary Gun Club Defensive Driving Courses

No matter if you are an experience driver or just learning to drive.  Our defensive driving courses are designed to keep you out of an accident and keep you safe.  We teach you how to handle a variety of driving situations and skills including hand over hand steering, proper breaking, driving awareness, and how to handle a high-speed emergencies while driving.

Defensive Driving Course

Learning how to drive in bad weather and on poor road conditions is an important skill to master.  Our defensive driving course’s are designed to help get you comfortable driving in inclement weather, dealing with high-speed emergencies, obstacles  avoidance, and how to deal with a blow out, just to name a few of the things you will learn.  Our expert team of instructors are masters of teaching these skills all while making you are safe during the skills drills. 

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Advanced Driving Course

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Off Road Driving Course

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