Sanctuary Gun Club Member Benefits

We provide our members a safe, secure and private place to store firearms until you decide you want them.  

  • One Class A Storage Locker included free with every membership
  • Bonus Bucks Program – Discounts on (almost) everything
  • Priority For Larger Storage Facilities – As Constructed
  • Exclusive Membership Security Access Card
  • Free Reserved Use of Panthera’s World Class Shooting Facility
  • Free Reserved Use of Shoot / No-Shoot Digital Video Trainer
  • Free Gun Transfers (Including NFA Transfers)
  • Exclusive Members-Only Events Including Annual Machine Gun Shoot
  • Complimentary Use of Firearms and Safety Equipment for Members
  • All Members are Certified for Range Competency
  • Discount Pricing on Training Courses
  • One Free Special Advanced Skills Seminar Per Month (Exclusive to Club Members)
  • Exclusive Member Swag Bag (Eye/Ear Protection, Cleaning Kit,  Targets, and More!)
  • Lodging Available

*Benefits Subject To Change Without Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Is a Class A Storage Locker?

12 in. high x 12 in. wide x 18 in. deep

How Many Different Shooting Lanes Does Panthera Have?

Panthera has over 9 different shooting ranges with multiple firing positions at reach range location, along with over 3 driving tracks, obstacle courses, shoot houses, training builds, and more.

How far is Panthera from Dulles Airport?

Just a short one (1) hour and fourty-five (45) minute drive.

What Discount Do We Get On Courses?

On average you get a 10% Discount on all the courses you register for. By just doing one course you can save the price of your membership.

Do You Supply Ammo with the Complementary Firearms?

No, you are required to supply your own ammo. If you don’t have ammo we have ammo and because you’re a member you will be able to get it at a discount.