About Sanctuary Gun Club

The Sanctuary Gun Club was founded by the owners of Panthera Training, LLC, to serve the evolving needs of our clients and the community. Since its inception, our goal has been to provide our members with a safe and secure environment to use and store their weapons, while having access to Panthera Training’s world class facility and its elite cadre of highly skilled instructors. Most of all, we want to encourage an environment that fosters focus and determination, teamwork, friendship, and learning, while demonstrating the highest level of gun safety and communicating how important it is for us to share that which we all enjoy with other likeminded individuals.

The Sanctuary Gun Club is intended for members who recognize that training, skill, and unending vigilance to safety are all prerequisites to responsible gun ownership and firearm usage. At Sanctuary Gun Club, we provide our members with a broad and exciting opportunity to enhance and increase their skill level by participating in many different types of shooting drills, marksmanship exercises, and training events.The Sanctuary Gun Club is exactly that – a sanctuary where gun owners, firearms enthusiasts, and even novice shooters can go to safely train, interact, and spend time honing their marksmanship skills.

We are located at Panthera Training, LLC, one of the world’s premier shooting (and driving) training facilities. The primary mission of Panthera Training is to provide elite, scenario based tactical and intelligence training for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. State Department, as well as various Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement teams who operate in sensitive environments worldwide, to enable those teams to meet their mission goals and objectives with the highest level of success. The private arrangement between Panthera Training, LLC and Sanctuary Gun Club grants club members full access to the same training facilities and highly skilled instructors that train our elite fighting forces, through preferred access to our Open Enrollment courses at deeply discounted rates.

Additional Information on the different types of Membership Packages that we currently offer can be found on our Membership Packages page.

For a list of the many benefits of being a Sanctuary Gun Club member, check out our Membership Benefits page.