Firearm Storage Lockers

We value our weapons, and we know that you value yours too. That’s why, when we started creating the Sanctuary Gun Club, one of the very first things we knew we had to have for our members was access to a safe and secure place to store their firearms (including NFA devices). 

The convenience of being located at one of the country’s most elite tactical training facilities, gives us a unique security advantage by allowing you, as exclusive Sanctuary Gun Club members, the access to store your firearms and other tactical gear under your own lock and key, inside Panthera Training’s highly secured armory.

One “Class A” is included with each membership. An additional locker may be purchased at additional cost. All lockers are sold only by the year. 

Sizes and Pricing

“Class A” Locker
Size: 10” wide by 11” high by 17” deep
Cost: $60/year

“Class B” Locker
Size: 10” wide by 22” high by 17” deep
Cost: $90/year

“Class C” Locker
Size: 10” wide by 35” high by 17” deep
Cost $120/year

“Class D” Locker
Size: 10” wide by 58” high by 17” deep

Larger closets and rooms are available  (while supplies last) and generally run about $10 per square foot per month

Storage Locker Packages